Deaf Carrom Association , Mumbai establshed in year 2008.

This organisation was formed by the founder members ,Mr Anil Shinde, and Mr V K Sawant

Our main focus is to unite all deafs uder this banner and create bonding.

The competition allows every carrom player to exhibit his skills.

This may give liverage and confidence to participate at national level.

Last year, February 2020, we had 200 participants an 200+ visitor.

we are proud to have all photogams for the same on ths webbsite.

With your support this numbers are increasing exponentially.

We all welcome you to this Organisation and request to inform your friends/relatives to join us

The net competion will be hed in Feb 2020 and entries/ participaionwill be closing on upto 31-01-2021

Pleas note that ony Deafs can joint and participae in this tounament.There is no gender restriction.

In case you have more queries, feel free to  send email to any one of us from the committee


 Chairman President  Secretary
 Mr HarjIt singh Bharara Mr,Anil SHINE  Victor  G.Victor


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